Indepth - RestFul Web Service, Cross Site Scripting and Web Security hacks

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Sat, 3 Sep 2011, 10:30 - 12:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Pune, IN

Web Services - The global move from SOAP to RestFul


Restful webservices are the defacto web services for upcoming internet services on the web. May it be Google, Facebook, twitter or any new age service, they are all based on Restful architecture. In this talk we will present what Restful Web Services are, how easy and natural they are to make and consume. How to expose your services to outside world?

Also, we will talk about security hacks and how to prevent them.


1. RestFul - Layman definition

2. Demo of RestFul. Restful consumed by a ajax app

3. How to implement Restful in Java

    - Walkthrough of Jax-RS (Sun's specs/JSR )

    - Walkthrough of Spring Restful

    - Enunicate to generate 

       - JAX-RS Web Services

       - SOAP Web Services

       - GWT RPC Server side end point (Google Webtoolkit)

       - AMF end points (Actionscript /flex)

       - Restful clients for C,C#, Java , ObjC (iPhone)

4. Cross Site Scripting -

    Limitation: Browser does not allow ajax calls from one domain to another. If you are hosting your web app on, then you are not allowed to make ajax calls to Single Origin Policy of Browser.

    Solution: JSONP provides a way to do so. We will see how to implement JSONP


5. Web Security Hacks

    1. Cross Site Scripting/XSS - Example of this

    2. Cross Site Request Forgery - Example of this

    3. And more if possible



Loukik Purohit is an Technology evangelist by heart. He is an Senior Engineer with QuickOffice. He is an expert on J2EE based technology. His main interests are how to fuse the latest web and mobile technologies and the robust J2EE server side.

Loukik will run us through RestFul, the defacto Web Service in the current time. He will run us through how to create and consume Restful Webservices and why they are lighter and better.


Rohit will assist Loukik in his talk on Restful, on JSONP and security.

He is the founder of this group and his usual hobby is to present technical topics on this and other platforms.




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