Top 10 Application Security Vulnerabilities in Web.config Files - Part Two

Learn about Authentication and Authorization Application Security Issues

Some of the most common and dangerous application security vulnerabilities that exist in ASP.NET Web-based applications come not from the C# or VB.NET code that make up its pages and service methods, but instead from the XML code that makes up its Web.config files. Incorrect configurations can open Web sites to application security holes such as session hijacking, Cross-Site Scripting attacks, and even allow the disclosure of private data to attackers.

An additional problem is that Web.config files were designed to be changed at any time, even after the Web-based applications are in production. A well-intentioned system administrator could inadvertently get around application security measures and open the Web site to attack just by modifying the configuration file. And because .NET configuration files operate in a hierarchical manner, a single change to the global Machine.config file could affect every Web site on the entire network.

Part one of this article listed five of the most serious configuration vulnerabilities that are applicable to any ASP.NET Web-based applications. This part will focus on authentication and authorization application security issues, and detail another five vulnerabilities commonly found in ASP.NET Web-based applications using Forms authentication. It will also provide some best practices for application security, including locking down your configuration files to ensure that they are not unintentionally modified by well-meaning (but uninformed) programmers or administrators.

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