The Chicago-Area Scala Enthusiasts (CASE) Meetup Group Monthly Meetup

The Chicago-Area Scala Enthusiasts (CASE) Meetup Group
20-21 Oct 2011 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Chicago, US

Meeting Topic: Project Euler and SBT

We have a double header this month.

  1. Remember Project Euler? Bill Pollock with help us do work through more of the exercises. 
  2. SBT is changing a lot these days. Dean Wampler will bring us up to date on v0.11.0, including how to use it in Eclipse and IntelliJ, changes in project structure, etc.

Bring your laptop or steal a friend's!


Please send your suggestions or offers to speak for future meetings to the mailing list "Lightning" or full talks are welcome. So are coding exercises, hack fests, etc.

Note: As always, you must RSVP with a real name (or email it to us separately) so we can give your name to the building security ninjas in order to enter the building. Please do so by noon so we can order the right amount of food. Thanks!

Programming Scala.
Chicago Scala.

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