Ruby on Rails Educational and Networking Meetup

The Seattle Ruby on Rails Developers Meetup Group
Thu, 17 Nov 2011, 02:30 - 04:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Seattle, US

Hello Seattle Ruby on Rails Meetup Group—I'm excited to announce our 9th Ruby on Rails Educational/Networking Meetup Event!

This event is sponsored by the wonderful team over at Matrix ( Matrix will be providing us free beer and pizza, and even rented us swanky highrise offices to meet in—thanks Matrix!

I also wanted to thank a new sponsor, Blue Box Group (  Blue Box is a managed Web host specializing in big and/or complex applications.  They host for some of our group members and also for major clients like MTV.  Best part?  They're local.  Thanks again Blue Box.



I'm excited to announce the team from Bezos-backed startup Doxo ( have been working on a  presentation just for this event.


Backbone.js and rails

"Mike Wisian and Mike Tierney, Front-End Developers for doxo, will be
talking about their experience in adding Backbone.js as part of a feature
in an existing Rails application, and how they used a prototype to solve
some of the challenges before ever starting work on the application.
Backbone.js is a library that makes it easier to write and maintain
Javascript-heavy applications by providing an MVC structure and a rich API
that interacts with your application using a RESTful JSON interface."


This meet up event will be at:

601 Union Street Seattle WA 98101.  

51st floor, conference room 5121/5122.

Google Map:

Street parking may be available but I've been advised that convention center parking might work best if you're looking for a garage.

Hope to see you all there.




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