Russel Winder's Python Workshop

13-16 Feb 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
The Skills Matter eXChange , London, GB

Russel Winder, author of author of "Python for Rookies" and involved with the Python-CSP parallelism framework and the SCons build frameworks, comes to Skills Matter in 2012 for his four day Python workshop.

Start right from the basics, Russel will introduce you to the Python programming language, while discussing strategy and rationale. By the second day, you will be confident enough to carry out TDD (Test Driven Development) through practical exercises and draw on tools, techniques and approaches directly with a python expert.

Russel Winder's Python Workshop is founded on the philosophy that programming languages can only be learned by doing. There will be a range of presentations from Russel, but more independent exercises on writing and/or amending Python code.

If you are a relatively experienced programmer, but have not worked with Python before, this Python course will provide you with a thorough basis for further Python experience. You will also have the opportunity to pose any questions you have to Russel, who has been a consultant, analyst, trainer (Java SE, Java ME, Groovy and Python), , and has been working on various new start-ups.

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