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  • µCon: The Microservices Conference

    27-28 Nov 2014 in London, United Kingdom

    Microservices are a new approach to architecting applications. Microservices are simple, single-purpose, lightweight architectural components that enable you to deliver software faster. The microservice architectural approach also aims to lead to software that thrives on change, while at the same time being secure, performant, and stable. We're very proud to introduce the inaugural conference solely dedicated to the topic of architecting, designing, building and deploying microservices, µCon.

  • Daniel Steinberg -The Evolution of iOS Code: Less Code, More Fulfilling

    Mon, 7 Apr 2014, 00:00 - 20:00 in London, United Kingdom

    The way you write code for your iOS and Mac OS apps has been changing with every release of Xcode. In this talk you'll see how recent changes dramatically alter your source code.With synthesize by default, literals, and the order of methods not mattering, the amount of code you write will shrink and what's left will be more readable.

  • In The Brain of Kito Mann - JSF 2.2 in Action

    Wed, 2 Apr 2014, 18:30 - 20:00 in London, United Kingdom

    Join Kito Mann as he presents JSF 2.2 in Action, an in depth look into what's new in JSF 2.2. Come to this talk to see demos of JSF 2.2's new features live, in action.

  • Domain-Driven Design with Python

    Tue, 1 Apr 2014, 18:30 - 20:00 in London, United Kingdom

    The talk is illustrated with experiences drawn from building industrial domain models in Python in the energy sector to support high performance computing applications.

  • Examples Soup-to-Nuts - from Ideas to Automation

    Thu, 20 Mar 2014, 18:30 - 20:00 in London, United Kingdom

    Jenny, Chris & Pete will talk through how they placed the Business at the heart of product development using highly collaborative techniques such as Impact Mapping, Dream Demo Visualisation and Specification by Example, and in particular the value of using examples at all levels of collaboration.

  • In The Brain of Scott Alexander-Bown: Android app hardening

    Wed, 19 Mar 2014, 18:30 - 20:00 in London, United Kingdom

    Interested in covering security best practices for app development? If you are an Android developer join Scott Alexander-Bown who will be focusing on encryption, key management, using SSL better and making it harder to pirate/repackage your app.

  • Allen Kelly Beyond Projects - Why projects are wrong and what to do instead

    Mon, 17 Mar 2014, 00:00 - 20:00 in London, United Kingdom

    Experiencing higher costs and dead software? Missing out on business opportunities? Then join Allan Kelly who will be going through beyond projects, examining the project model and show how it does not match software development.

  • In The Brain of Chris Dornan: Fun and Profit with Stongly-Typed Data Schemas

    Thu, 6 Mar 2014, 18:30 - 20:00 in London, United Kingdom

    Do you want your business applications to become more flexible and adaptable? Then join Chris Dornan who will be presenting the work of Duncan Coutts, Adam Gundry and Alfredo Di Napoli based on ideas around Haskell and REST APIs.

  • Why does your build matter?

    Mon, 3 Mar 2014, 18:30 - 20:00 in London, United Kingdom

    Want to find out the importance of the build tool Gradle? Join Peter Ledbrook who will leave you with a greater appreciation for the challenges of building software, even if you aren't persuade by Gradle itself.

  • Jimmy Bogard: Continuous deployment the Octopus way

    Mon, 10 Feb 2014, 18:30 - 20:00 in London, United Kingdom

    In this session, Jimmy Boggard will look at how Octopus enables continuous delivery, what it offers over standard tooling, and how it can make your ops team love you again.


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