Links, forms and unicorns - Creating a better ReST Client

Scottish Developers
Thu, 19 Jan 2012, 19:30 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
Storm ID , Edinburgh, GB

The Talk

Sebastien Lambla will be talking about creating a better ReST Client, starting at 19:30 on Thursday 19th January 2012

Hypermedia is the most powerful aspect of the web, a tried and tested technology that lets you link things with other things. This session will follow a secret agent travel across Europe, showing how links and forms can make any secret agent a much better ReST client.

The Speaker

Sebastien Lambla runs Caffeine IT, a .net consultancy / contracting company helping the good people of London adopt new technologies, new processes, new methodologies and in general anything that's new and shiny. Specializing in cutting-edge tools, from ReST architectures to occasionally connected rich clients, Sebastien has been developing with .net since 2000, and has a secret love affair with javascript. In his spare time he’s working on OpenRasta, a resource-oriented MVC framework for .net.

The Venue

The talk will be held at Storm ID's offices in Leith, on the junction of Bernard Street, Salamander Street, and Constitution Street.


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