What HTML would have been had it been designed for web apps

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What HTML would have been had it been designed for web apps (Misko Hevery, Google)

Designing AJAX applications is difficult, and these difficulty is addressed by an array of frameworks. Angular is a framework which takes a very unique approach to building web-applications. Instead of providing useful api for building AJAX, apps, Angular provides a way to teach a browser new tricks which are useful for building AJAX apps. Angular is a way to shim behavior into HTML.


Speaker Bio:

Misko Hevery works as an Agile Coach at Google where he is responsible for coaching Googlers to maintain the high level of automated testing culture. This allows Google to do frequent releases of its web applications with consistent high quality. Previously he worked at Adobe, Sun Microsystems, Intel, and Xerox (to name a few), where he became an expert in building web applications in web related technologies such as Java, JavaScript, Flex and ActionScript. He is very involved in Open Source community and an author of several open source projects such as Angular (http://angularjs.org) and JsTestDriver (http://code.google.com/p/js-test-driver).


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