SmashingMagazine Meetup#5 - CSS3 Master Class with Jens Grochtdreis

The SmashingMagazine Meetup
Mon, 27 Feb 2012, 16:30 - 18:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Freiburg im Breisgau, DE

Dear SmashingMag fans, 

we never stop to develop new ideas and this time we thought we should expand our regular Meetup into a full-on CSS3 Master Class

This Meetup will be held in Frankfurt, Germany - location TBA. 

Thanks to our sponsor MailChimp, 20 of you will have the opportunity to participate on a thorough one day training with CSS Guru Jens Grochtdreis in modern frontend development, CSS3, tools and workflow (usually worth 450 Euro per person). 

Jens Grochtdreis lives and works in Mainz, providing customers with high quality source code, even reads sometimes technicals specifications of (X) HTML and CSS, and is the founder of Webkrauts. In his spare time he lectures at Universities, speaks at events and conferences and writes articles.









PLEASE NOTE: The regular Meetup will be held after the workshop! 

And that's how it will work: 

Have a look at the questions below. Send the answer together with your profile (eg. github account, website, twitter, etc.) to [email protected] (psst, if you tell us why we HAVE to pick you, you can get extra points :-)). 


----------- question---------------

Let be given a code in principle like this one:




How many ways do you know to let #mother enclose their floating children? If she wouldn't enclose them, she can offer no background, border, margins and the like. Please describe those possibilites shortly.




If you make it into our top 20, you can look forward to our full day program: 


9am: Breakfast, hello

10am: start of workshop, part one

12.30pm: break 

1pm: workshop, part two

3pm: break

3.30pm: workshop, part three

5.30pm: finish workshop, doors open for regular Meetup


--> 20 Seats left <--


PLEASE NOTE: the successful applicants will receive a confirmation email. The sponsored training only includes the workshop, food and drinks - travel cost are not covered! 


Regular meetup: 

5.30pm: doors open, drinks

6pm: hello and introduction

6.15pm: Jens Grochtdreis on CSS3

7pm: FAQ

7.15pm: break, drinks and food

7.30pm: speaker two [vacant]

8pm FAQ

8.15pm: drinks, networking

9.30pm: thank you and goodbye. 


----------outline workshop-----------


- CSS3 Basics 

- CSS3 and IE 

- Collaboration in a team 

- Codeorganisation 

- modularisation of websites 

- Using frontend-frameworks (with focus on YAML 4) 


CSS3 is the next logic step in the development of CSS. It has been discussed for a longer period a will remain surely in development for a longer time. But there a many features you can use today. CSS3 is especially usefull for developing mobile websites and applications as you can have a nice appearance without using images. 

We also take a look at IE who is getting connected to modern frontend techniques with the actual version 9. We discuss and test strategies to get even older IE going with CSS3. 

For creating websites effectively you should think through your own workflow and optimise it. We will discuss possible strategies with a look at an example. And we will have a look at the shiny new YAML 4 as an example for an effective frontend-framework. Such a framework will help you getting the basic work fast done. 


A detailed look at the content 



- Which gap is filled by CSS3? 

- Can I use CSS3 today? 

- What about IE? 

- individual fonts with @font-face 

- CSS3 in practice (demos and hands-on tests) 

- selectors 

- transitions, transforms, animations 

- making a layout fit to many widths with media-queries 


Collaboration in a team 

- version control and ticket system 

- annotating designs 

- communication in a team 

- designguide 



- coding styles 

- useful comments 

- file organisation 


modularisation of websites 

- construction of a website einer Webseite 

- rapid prototyping 

- naming conventions 


Usage of frontend-frameworks 

- small selection of frontend-frameworks 

- insight into YAML 4 

- rapid prototyping with YAML 4




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