MariaDB, the new 'M' in LAMP

Effective MySQL
30 Apr-1 May 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US

Colin Charles, Community Manager at Monty Program who will be visiting New York talks about "MariaDB, the new 'M' in LAMP"

MariaDB is a MySQL branch and drop in replacement for MySQL.
Created by the co-founder of MySQL Monty Widenius following the acquisition by Oracle, MariaDB and including a number of key engineers from the original MySQL team, MariaDB offers new features including Optimizer Improvements, Sub Query Optimization and significant performance improvements with Group Commit. MariaDB also provides better integration and support for many additional storage engines with a much faster release cycle including PBXT and Galera replication.

Learn why this ongoing development at Monty Program is good for the MySQL community and all users of MySQL

More Information at

6:45pm Meet and Greet
7:00pm Presentation
8:00pm Q&A

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