GOTO meetup with Dave Thomas and Justin Sheehy

Francesco Vittorio
29-30 May 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Chicago, US

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TALK #1:  Embracing Concurrency At Scale, Justin Sheehy, CTO Basho Technologies

People have been talking about "scaling" and "distributed systems" a great deal lately. We need to clarify the meaning of these terms in order to have a worthwhile conversation about them. We will do so by discussing the details of how to actually produce practical, scalable, distributed systems. That discussion will focus on methods for designing and building robust fundamentally-concurrent distributed systems. These approaches have been learned through building user-facing web applications, data storage and processing systems, and server management tools. We will look at practices that are "common knowledge" but too often forgotten, at lessons that the software industry at large has somehow missed, and at general "good practices" and rules that must be thrown away when moving into a distributed and concurrent world.

TALK #2:  Mature Legacy Seeking Sexy New Technology for Fun and Profit: How to Innovate in a Legacy Environment, Dave Thomas Bederra Research Labs

In this talk we describe the huge opportunity for innovation in Legacy systems!  We argue there has never been a better time for creative legacy enovations which leverage new hot technologies ? languages; data bases; web; cloud and Agile practices.  Many talented developers turn up their noses or run away in fear from what they see as baroque environments with arcane tool chains.  Talent panic often pushes for a grand rewrite using modern technology.  Sadly experience shows the grand rewrite has too much risk and way too little business value.  Hence given legacy investments the only option is innovation!

We illustrate legacy innovations via several case studies spanning a wide spectrum of legacy systems including: mainframe IT; Unix products; military systems; telecom; data banks and multi-vendor EAI and EAP applications.  We explain the appropriate practices, teams, and tools to achieve high impactrenovations by inserting new technology.   We discuss appropriate investments in training, tooling and practices for different legacy environments.   We look at approaches to ensuring lasting high value relationships between legacies and bleeding edge technology.


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