Learn From Aimee's Meetup: Drupal 7 Websites - Modules

DFW Entrepreneurs Network
Tue, 19 Jun 2012, 16:30 - 19:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Flower Mound, US
35.0 USD

We are offering classes on Drupal 7, a powerful Content Management System for business websites. It is simple and easy to use to me. Even the White House website is built on Drupal. Others websites such as New York State Senate and many more great websites are proudly built on and powered by Drupal. We have been building Drupal websites since 2006 and have been building websites since the 90's.

Please see the dates below and sign up for the classes that you want, or all of them.

Note, to set up each of these classes takes a lot of time and effort. If you RSVP, we expect you to attend. If you cannot attend due to whatever the reason is, please change your RSVP 24 hours before the class date and time so we won't count on you to be there.

Drupal 7 Classes:

June 5: General Overview
June 12: Add Contents
June 19: Modules

July 10: Theme
July 17: Block
July 24: Menu

August 14: People
August 21: Editor

Sept. 11: Content Type
Sept. 18: Social Media

Oct. 9: Emails
Oct. 16: Gmail
* Note, email is only for current custom

Class Agenda:

11:30am - Register, Network and Order your lunch. Come earlier if you wish to have your lunch and networking done before we start.

12pm - Class starts - Intro, Review and Overview

12:15pm - Subject of the day with hands-on practice on your own laptop

12:45pm - Q&A

1pm - class ends - networking continues

After these above classes are done, we will move into eCommerce and more. If you missed the date for the particular subject that you want, you will have to wait until we come back around to it, which we don't have a date for them yet, or you can simply take the private lesson. See Important Notes below.

Lunch: You are fully responsible for your bill. Ordering food is mandatory. We will not accept not order. You are welcome to order your lunch to go. Thank you for your understanding.

Important Notes:

If you are one of our current website customers who have your website done by us with the 90 days free group classes package, there will be no charge, just pay for your own lunch. 90 days are counted from the date when the hosting of your site was first setup.

If you are not one of our current website customers, or have passed beyond the 90 days free group classes, and wanted to attend one of these classes,it will be a $35 prepaid online here via Paypal, or $45 if pay at the door.

Payment is non-refundable for no-call-no-show on the date of the class that you've paid for to attend.

If you are not one of our current website customers and would like private classes, please contact me.

Private classes for current website customers are $35 an hour or $65 for those who have their Drupal 7 or Drupal 6 website that is not built by us.

Lastly, we work our sites via Windows. If you use Mac, you will have to know how to maneuver around your Mac.

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