Beyond toys: deploying a production node app to the cloud

18-19 Jul 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
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Beyond toys: deploying a production node app to the cloud
All platforms begin as toys - fun to play with, but impractical for everyday use. Some demonstrate business value and spawn early deployments that are kept alive via hacks and prayers. Eventually, stable deployment patterns emerge and then even non-experts can deploy with confidence (hello, PHP).
Node.js is growing beyond its toy phase, and your deployment strategy should grow with it. We'll explore deployment patterns, highlighting why node.js is a perfect fit for cloud architecture, and demonstrating best practices for your own servers. You'll learn Ryan Dahl's "Bible" of deployment rules and leave with the ability to quickly and reliably launch your node.js apps on a variety of cloud providers.

Hunter LoftisHunter is the Director of Technology at Skookum Digital Works (, a custom software development firm that brings its clients' visions to life -- these days, through JavaScript. He contributes to several open-source JS projects including zepto.js, mongoose, and knockout.namespaces. Hunter is a year-round motorcyclist and traveler who has lived, worked, and studied in Australia, Germany, and sunny North Carolina.

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