Evolution of asynchronous programming on .NET

The Ottawa .NET Meetup Group
18-19 Oct 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Ottawa, CA

Everything you wanted the know about asynchronous programming in .NET, but were afraid to ask.

The latest version of Visual Studio includes language additions to C# and VB to make it much easier to write asynchronous code (the async and await keywords).

Everything you wanted the know about asynchronous programming in .NET, but were afraid to ask.

.NET has had numerous ways to implement asynchonous and lenghty operations over the years. This session details some of these techniques, their benefits and their drawbacks. This session also details the progression of these techniques leading up to async/await in an effort to better understand the new syntax as well as better understand how to migrate existing asynchronous code to the new syntax. As well, this session allows you to increase your expertise with several advanced language features that the new syntax and existing patterns build on, like lamdas, anonymous methods, closures, etc.


Peter Ritchie is a software development consultant. Peter is president of Peter Ritchie Inc. Software Consulting Co., a software consulting company in Canada's National Capital Region specializing in Windows-based software development management, process, and implementation consulting. Peter has worked with such clients as Mitel, Nortel, Passport Canada, Innvapost from mentoring to architecture to implementation. Peter has considerable experience building software development teams and working with startups towards agile software development. Peter's range of experience ranges from designing and implement simple stand-alone applications to architecting n-tier applications spanning dozens of computers; from C++ to C#.

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