Agile Testing Open Northwest

Portland Oregon Selenium Users Group
Thu, 11 Oct 2012, 15:30 - 18:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Portland, US

We are super excited to say this event is going to happen!  Portland Selenium Meetup has been working with many other tech orgs in the Portland area to put together a day long open space conference on Agile Testing, which we all know needs to include a lot of automation!




But RSVP here as well so PDX Selenium can represent in force!

Ward Cunningham inventor of the Wiki & extreme innovator said he wouldn't miss it and put it on his calendar!

There are only 75 tickets available and we expect them to go fast.  So register today.

Thanks and see you there!

Jim, Andy & Randy


Event Description:

TAO QA and Dev Forums, Agile Open Northwest, PNSQC, and AgilePDX Agile Testing Open Northwest Agile Testing: How do WE Make it Work? As our organizations move toward "Agile? for developing software, we all face the challenge of understanding how to adapt our former roles and ways of working to new work roles and processes. How do we ensure the continued value of testing? Join us in Open Space to share your questions, challenges, strategies, success stories, and how you've overcome stumbling blocks. In small groups, we?ll discuss topics such as:

· How is Agile testing different from how we?ve always done it? · How do we know what to test? · How do we know what not to test? · On Agile teams, when does testing happen and whose job is it? · What is Exploratory Testing and why should we care? · How do regression tests work? · How does testing improve my design? Should it? · How do we ensure it is cost effective? · What do people mean when they say, "no defects?? · Does Agile change how we test or does it just raise the existing issues?

Bring the topics you feel passion for and add them to the list! Each self-organizing discussion group will create a document or other record of their discussion, ideas, questions, and insights. We?ll share everyone?s experiences at the end of the day. 

Who should attend?

· Testers facing an Agile adoption/People new to the testing role/Testers eager to jump in · Devs who want to get serious about defect-free code · CTOs and Managers of Test/Validation, Dev, Application Delivery · Academics preparing new software/IT professionals for the real world

Cost to attend: $75 per person (Register early. We expect to sell out.)


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