Overcoming Web and mobile app challenges with ASP.NET WebAPI and Windows Azure

.NET Developers Association
Tue, 8 Jan 2013, 02:30 - 05:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Redmond, US
5.0 USD


Over the last decade, HTTP/Web APIs have grown in popularity and become the primary way of exposing functionality from Web servers to apps, most often web sites or mobile apps. Web APIs come with three challenges that we?ll talk about and overcome. Cross-site scripting issues have existed for a long time, and have a variety of solutions that we can apply. The introduction of ultra-popular social networks and other services have introduced a new challenge, which is rate-limiting. It is now common for web servers to limit the number of Web API calls (per hour or day) for a given app to ensure that they can deliver a great experience generally. It is critical that your app doesn?t get ?limited?. Last, performance is always a concern for apps that have a heavy dependence on a network-service that you do not control. Learn how you can solve all three of these solutions with a simple but powerful implementation, using WebAPI and Windows Azure.


Rich Lander is a Program Manager on the .NET Common Language Runtime team. He?s helped ship all of the .NET releases since .NET 2.0 and every Windows release since XP. Rich attended the University of Waterloo, in Canada. Lately, Rich has been writing much of the content for the .NET blog and looking at .NET support for REST APIs. When not attached to a keyboard, Rich can be found attacking lane lines, switching gears or pounding pavement.





6:30pm - Doors open
7:00pm - News and announcements
7:10pm - Overcoming Web and mobile app challenges with ASP.NET WebAPI and Windows Azure
8:30pm - Wrapped Up


Please RSVP to attend. We will be using the 5.00 fee to purchase Pizza. We will be checking RSVPs at the door.  We prefer you RSVP and pay online, if you must pay cash on site please email the organizer to RSVP.

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