Intro to the Go Programming Language for C# Developers

New York ALT.NET Group
22-23 May 2013 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US


An interactive (hopefully) introduction to the new Go programming language (aka golang). Go is an open source language developed by Google as a potential successor to C, C++, Java, Python, and the like, It is designed from the ground up for the concurrent processing that is a hallmark of modern systems. When writing Go code, one can feel the ease and speed of an interpreted, dynamically typed scripting language. Yet Go is an efficient, natively compiled language with the safety of both static typing and garbage collection with support for Windows, Linux and Mac. Go makes writing for multiprocessor/multicore computing easy, powerful and concise thanks to goroutines and channels. Go follows an alternative philosophy towards object-oriented concepts yet can accommodate pure procedural code. Go strives to be simple, making it accessible for new developers and easy to read.

During this talk, we will explore these and other Go concepts from the perspective of a C# developer and discuss Go's appropriate use cases.

In fact, Go is growing in adoption, powering production systems in Google and other companies like Nokia, Bitly, Heroku, SoundCloud, etc. and a growing list of startups. One such system is Heroku's Doozer, which is a Paxos implementation of an extremely available, completely consistent distributed store for small amounts of critical data.

About Pedro Jimenez

Pedro Jimenez is Web Architect at ITT Corporation who works with a number of Microsoft .Net web technologies including SharePoint, KenticoCMS, and custom web applications.

Pedro has worked with web technologies for his entire career, from independent contracting to a small web startup consultancy to working in corporate environments for a major enterprise portal vendor. Pedro likes to keep with current software trends while remaining platform agnostic.

His outside interests include shamelessly geeking out, being an avid foodie, frequenting live music events, and pledging eternal fandom to Gotham Girls Roller Derby.

Pedro's Twitter handle is @ptpedroj. His LinkedIn profile is at He blogs sparingly at

This meeting will be held at the Microsoft offices as usual.  Please ensure that you bring photo ID matching your RSVP name for access to the building!


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