Denver Visual Studio User Group Meeting

Mon, 26 Aug 2013, 17:30 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
7595 Technology Way; Suite 400 , Denver, US

Asynchronous Programming

Deeper into Async and Await SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER! with Kathleen Dollard, .NET Coach for Crystal MEF Lab

This was the topic voted on by you, members, for Kathleen to present! See you soon!

NOTE: Everyone attending will receive a FREE one-month Pluralsight subscription -- quantities limited -- first-come, first served!

See Kathleen's new Pluralsight course: .NET Puzzles, Gotchas & Cautionary Tales.

 .NET 4.5 introduces special asynchronous behavior with the new async keyword.
  The async design is brilliant because much of the time your naïve instinct on what the code is doing is correct – or plenty close enough. But, you’re very unlikely to trust your instincts without a general understanding of what’s going on and sometimes you really need to see what’s happening behind the scenes. 
  This deeper understanding helps you manage the five complications of asynchronous programming: multiple requests, cancellation, exception management, progress reporting and timeouts. 
  Multiple requests can follow many patterns of simultaneous and sequential calls that may need to interact with the results of other operations. Timeouts, cancellation, and exceptions require early termination of the operation, generally require communication to the user, and might require interaction with other concurrent async operations.

Learn about all these patterns in this pragmatic deep dive into using async programming with .NET 4.5.

Contact: Chris Wallace

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