Machine Learning with Daniel Longest - Part 2

Thu, 3 Nov 2016, 18:00 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
4600 Cox Rd , Glen Allen, US

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence are hot topics, but both are based on concepts that can be arcane and at times unapproachable.  And historically .NET has lagged behind other open source languages like R and Python in its ML friendliness.  Where does that leave the developer who wants to put ML to use but not abandon the familiar landscape of .NET?  The great news is there's no longer any reason to leave .NET just to gain access to ML capabilities and and with a little effort, we can demystify the world of ML and open up a new world of business opportunities.  

Daniel's BioDaniel Longest is a Technical Solutions Manager at CFA Institute, the professional body of the investment management industry, where he leads a team of 10 software developers in architecture and development covering everything from enterprise web development to back-end APIs and integrations to database design and all points in between.  With over a decade of software experience in the financial services industry, Daniel has worked in a variety of roles including as a project manager, business analyst, technical writer, SQL trainer, and Scrum coach. Daniel is passionate about coaching and teaching and loves to help others experience that a-ha! moment when things finally come together.

Event venue: Markel Plaza

Hosted by: Richmond .NET User Group

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