NodeSchoolDC - January 2017

Sat, 28 Jan 2017, 13:00 - 17:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
1121 N. 19th Street , Arlington, US

Q. What is NodeSchool ?  A. Open source workshops that teach web software skills.  There are 6 core NodeSchool workshops that teach the basic concepts of JavaScript, Node.js, npm, git... (javascripting, git-it, Scope Chains & Closures, learnyounode, How to npm and stream-adventure) and electives, these are to learn popular libraries or styles of writing Node.js.  You will be paired off with another attendee at your level and together you will go through one of the NodeSchool workshops with support from your friendly, neighbohood mentors. Now that you know that, come and learn some Node.js flavored development! No previous experience required.  You will be paired off with someone at your skill level that is working on the same workshop you are. There will be mentors available to assist you if you need a hand completing a specific exercise within the 6 core workshops, or to answer your other node.js questions. 

Prerequisites: • bringing a laptop • Install Node.js on that laptop (if you are having issues installing please tell a mentor when you arrive, so we can get you working). In general, we take photos of the entire group at these events and post them to Instagram / Twitter.  If this is something that you have an issue with, please chat with the organizers (most likely Robbie - he does most of the posting) and we will be happy to try to accommodate. Entrance on Key Blvd!

Event venue: Curiosity Media - 12th Floor

Hosted by: node.dc

Event URL:

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