Nitro-Lm License Management

Flex Meetup Group
3-4 Jun 2009 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Atlanta, US

Nitro-LM is a unique solution for implementing software protection. Licensing is often the first impression a customer has of your software. You want to control the use of your software, but don’t want to come across as “BIG BROTHER”. In this session, you will learn how to custom-tailor a non-intrusive end-to-end licensing user experience for your customers. We will discuss how to facilitate in-software communication and feedback between you and your customers using the Nitro-LM event notification system. Advanced features such as remote preferences, bundling suites of software into license pools, and encryption of Flex/AIR modules for source code protection will also be covered.

Bios: Simplified Logic & Andrew Westberg (BIO) Nitro-LM (Nitromation License Manager) is a commercial product developed by Simplified Logic for managing users, products, notifications, and source code protection for applications. It started off as an internal tool to protect SLI’s 3D engineering design and automation software. It has quickly grown into a commercial application being used by Fortune 500 customers located across the globe, and continues to be recognized as the benchmark for licensing and encryption best practices and security policies. NitroLM has an API for C/C++, Java, .NET, and Adobe Flex/AIR. Andrew Westberg, Senior Development "Rock Star" for Simplified Logic, Inc. is a Flex/Java/C++ Developer. He writes a flex-related blog at and has spoken at several 360|Flex conferences. Hobbies include wakeboarding, wing suit base jumping, human-powered flight, Ultimate Fighting, and swimming....well, maybe just that last one, but he likes watching the others on YouTube.

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