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A worldwide Flex User Group. Not everyone has a local Flex User group but thanks to a little technology you can get the same information and experience. This group is worldwide and all the meetings will be held online through Adobe Connect sessions.Adobe Flex, Flash and Actionscript are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, used by permission.

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Past events

  • Swiz: Introduction, Overview and Why It's the Best.

    2-3 Nov 2011 in Hartford, United States

    Presentation Description:This presentation is an introductory presentation to the Swiz Famework.Presenters Bio: Ben Clinkinbeard is a Flex Developer and Technical Architect for Universal Mind. He is also a Principal Architect for the Swiz framework, a lightweight IoC container and utility library for ActionScript 3 and Adobe Flex. Previously, he co-created the FlexMDI library, which was subsequently integrated into FlexLib.As a Digital Design major, Ben earned a B.S.

  • Flash Builder 4.5: Hints and Tips

    7-8 Sep 2011 in Hartford, United States

    Presentation Description:Flash Builder 4.5 adds a wealth of new coding features that make Flex and ActionScript developers more productive than ever before. In this session Paul Robertson will demonstrate his favorite coding features and share hints and tips to get the most out of Flash Builder 4.5.Presenters Bio:Paul Robertson is a Senior User Experience Developer for Dedo Interactive, Inc., where he designs and develops interactive touch-based experiences for clients.

  • Converting From Flex to Flex 4 by Greg Lafrance

    4-5 May 2011 in Hartford, United States

    Greg Lafrance will be presenting at the march March meeting about converting Flex 3 applications to Flex 4.You can join in at what time this occurs in your time zone at: IN: When you login to the Connect room (the link above)to view the meeting, PLEASE USE THE "LOGIN AS GUEST" option, and USE YOUR NAME, but do NOTattempt to use your meetup.com username/password or any Connect account. Just sign in as a guest.

  • Building Components From MX To Mobile by Jeffry Houser

    6-7 Apr 2011 in Hartford, United States

    Topic:Jeffry Houser will present will examine what it took to create components using the MX Lifecycle, then discuss how things changed with the introduction of the flex Spark Components architecture.  And finally, it will look at what it takes to optimize componentsfor deployment to mobile devices.Presenter Bio:Jeffry Houser is a technical entrepreneur that likes to share cool stuff with other people.

  • 360|Flex Speaker Chat - Jeffry Houser

    Thu, 3 Mar 2011, 18:00 - 20:00 in Meriden, United States

    Since 360|Flex is part of this meetup and our speaker chats are Flex content, we figured our meetup members should know so you can join these if you like.These chats are separate of our regular meetups. Just a fun extra bit of Flex goodness :)These chats are interactive, so feel free to bring questions to ask. Each week is a difference speaker.

  • Zen and the Art of Unit Testing w/ Joel Hooks

    2-3 Mar 2011 in Hartford, United States

    Presentation Description:Why unit test? What is a good unit test? Who are tests for?While we aren't going to get into the nuts and bolts of Flex Unit or ASUnit specifically, we WILL be talking about the aove questions that can be applied to Flex/AS3 projects or unit testing in any other language that you might mak use of.Presenter Bio:Joel Hooks is a Flash Platform developer with experience in Actionscript 3, Flex, and Python.

  • Blackberry Playbook Development with Renaun Erickson

    2-3 Feb 2011 in Hartford, United States

    We've schedule the first meeting of the on-line Flex Meetup Group's revival. Renaun Erickson, an Adobe Evangelist will be joining us to talk about Blackberry Playbook development.You can join in at what time this occurs in your time zone at: IN: When you login to the Connect room (the link above)to view the meeting, PLEASE USE THE "LOGIN AS GUEST" option, and USE YOUR NAME, but do NOTattempt to use your meetup.com username/password or any Connect account.

  • Flex 4 Components

    Thu, 17 Dec 2009, 19:00 - 21:00 in Atlanta, United States

    Flex Component architecture in Flex 4 is dynamic and agile, able to quickly react and be easily modified. In this session we'll talk about the differences between building components in Flex 3 and Flex 4 and go through several examples of how Flex 4 makes component development easy and more flexible. We'll also examine the way that Flex 4 integrates with Flash Catalyst and how easy it is to implement the interface your designs envision.

  • Using Mock Objects in a Flex Application

    Fri, 13 Nov 2009, 19:00 - 21:00 in Atlanta, United States

    The usage of mock objects in a Flex application may represent a very powerful way to improve development speed and increase the quality of the tests you will prepare. A mock object can simulate the behavior of complex, real (non-mock) objects and are therefore useful when a real object is not yet available (server side development is late!

  • Bullet Proofing Flex Components

    6-7 Aug 2009 in Atlanta, United States

    When you build components for your own applications, you are working in a controlled environment and can make a lot of assumptions about how your component will be used. However, if you want to release components out into the wild? It is inevitable that folks will use your component in ways you didn't consider; and they're going to blame you if it doesn't work. This presentation will cover some tips and tricks to help you optimize your components for reuse.

  • Getting Dirty with the Flex SDK

    23-24 Jul 2009 in Atlanta, United States

    So the Flex SDK is open source now, but what does that mean to you? You are a Flex developer but you have never even looked at the code powering the Flex SDK. This presentation is focused on Flex veterans as well as beginners who want to get their hands dirty with the inner workings of the Flex SDK. This will equip you with the knowledge to get started developing for the Flex framework itself.

  • Flex Drag and Drop

    25-26 Jun 2009 in Atlanta, United States

    Flex Drag and DropImplementing drag and drop in Flex got you down? Drag your feet in and dropin a seat to get fully immersed in drag and drop features in Flex. We willcover built in functionality exposing canned drag and drop operations aswell as learn how to drag anything and drop it anywhere.About the Speaker:Douglas Knudsen is currently a Flex RIA and ColdFusion developer. He has been developing with ColdFusion since version 4 and entered the Flex development arena with version 1.5.

  • Nitro-Lm License Management

    3-4 Jun 2009 in Atlanta, United States

    Nitro-LM is a unique solution for implementing software protection. Licensing is often the first impression a customer has of your software. You want to control the use of your software, but don?t want to come across as ?BIG BROTHER?. In this session, you will learn how to custom-tailor a non-intrusive end-to-end licensing user experience for your customers.

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