The XP Game -- Rachel Davies (7pm)

Tue, 7 Feb 2006 (Add to calendar) GMT
Microsoft Cambridge , Cambridge, GB
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The XP game -- Rachel Davies, Giovani Asproni, Steve Freeman

Microsoft Research, JJ Thomson Avenue, off Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0FB -- see map at MicrosoftResearchCentreCambridge

The XP Game

The XP Game is a playful way to familiarize the players with some of the more difficult concepts of the eXtreme Programming Planning Game, like velocity, story estimation, yesterday's weather and the XP lifecycle. Anyone can participate. The goal is to make development and business people work together, they both play both roles. It is especially useful when a company starts adopting XP. This session was created by the XP Belgium group and more info can be found at

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies is a consultant and facilitator in United Kingdom. She has been working in the software industry for nearly 20 years. She coaches teams in XP and Scrum and advocates the use of frequent retrospectives to help teams adapt their process to their context. Rachel is a frequent presenter at agile conferences and serving director of the Agile Alliance and British Computer Society Software Practice Advancement specialist group. She can be reached by email at rachel at, and via her website

Giovanni Asproni

Giovanni Asproni is a free-lance consultant with more than ten years of professional experience in which he had the opportunity to work in several different roles, from Programmer to Senior Architect and Technical Project Leader, in a variety of application domains including CASE tools, telecommunications, bioinformatics, and, more recently, banking.

His main interests are agile software development, software architecture and design, project management, and, last but not least, writing code (especially in C++, Java, and Python).

He is an expert in Object Oriented Design and Development, Agile Software Development, and a Certified Scrum Master. He is a member of the ACCU, the AgileAlliance, the ACM, and the IEEE Computer Society.

Finally, he was a member of the committee for the London XPDay5 conference (, and for the forthcoming ACCU 2006 conference (

You can find some more information about him in his personal web-site

Steve Freeman

Steve Freeman is a freelance software consultant. A pioneer of XP in the UK, Steve once led the largest XP team in the country. He chaired the first London XpDay, and has presented and been track chair at many of the international Agile conferences. Previously, he has worked in research labs (Xerox and Digital), software houses, consultancies, and has written shrink-wrap packages for IBM. Currently, Steve is teaching at UCL as a change from building systems for investment banks.

Steve has a Diploma and PhD from the Computer Lab.

About SPA Cambridge

After SPA2005 a number of people got together to reactivate SPA meetings in the Cambridge area - these had been run successfully under the OOPS name by AnthonyWilloughby in the late 90s.

SPACambridge aims to run regular monthly meetings covering the diversity of topics of interest to SPA members.

Everyone is welcome to our sessions and attendance is free unless otherwise noted. However, we do ask people to preregister if possible.

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