Five Tips For Making Good Object-Oriented Code Better w/ Brandon Savage

Web Technology of Frederick
13-14 Oct 2009 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Frederick, US

There are lots of strategies for improving on object-oriented code. In this talk, we'll discuss five techniques you can use to improve your code. We'll talk about making APIs predictable, the reasons for using objects, and topics like testing and dependency injection.

This is a fairly high-level presentation meant for coders who have experience in Object Oriented Programming. Examples will be in PHP, but the talk is pertinent to any coder using OOP.

The presenter, Brandon Savage, is a Senior Software Developer at Applied Security where he "Builds and maintains web applications satisfying the missions and needs of clients."

The talk will begin at 7:15, followed by discussion. Home made goodies (TBD- usually cookies or cupcakes) will be available.

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