DevEvening: Christmas CodeFest

Thu, 3 Dec 2009, 18:30 - 21:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
Bird in hand pub , Woking, GB

This time we're trying something different:

We all learn in different ways. While it can be good to learn by hearing people present and demonstrate new techniques, it can also be good to learn by seeing how different people solve the same problem.  That's what we hope to do at the CodeFest.

The plan is for everyone to write automated players for a simple game.  Don't worry if this sounds complicated, it will only involve implementing an interface containing 4 methods (and one of them just returns your name!).  The logic therein can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it.  It will be practical to achieve something good in the time frame available and plenty of examples will be provided to get you started.

In addition to having each persons 'player' compete against each other we'll also look at the way each person approached the problem and how successful that was.


Want to show how you can write really good code using TDD - show us!

Want to show how you can write code in VB that's just as good as any written in C# - go ahead!

Got some cool little coding tricks up your sleeve - wow us!

Able to write great code without all the latest tricks and tools - we'd love to see it!


You will need a laptop with a copy of VisualStudio2008. Everything else will be provided.  Feel free to work in pairs if you wish but more than that working together may be counter productive.

Of course if you want to come but really don't want to to write code you'll be welcome but be aware that this event will be different to normal.


There will also be plenty of swag and prizes.


Hopefully we'll see you there.


If that doesn't sound quite your thing, we'll return to the usual format in January.

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