VBUG Bracknell: Test Driven Development to save, time, money and your sanity

Mon, 1 Mar 2010, 19:00 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
Bracknell Borough Council (Function Room) , Bracknell, GB

Originally, this meeting was scheduled for January but was postponed due to snow. Richard Hopkin has kindly rescheduled his Test Driven Development session for March and we look forward to seeing him.

How many bugs does your software have? How much time will it take you to fix those bugs? The normal answer to these questions is many and forever, that is unless you are practicing Test Driven Development. NxtGenUG Oxford coordinator Richard Hopton walks through what it is, some guidelines to follow, how to get started implementing it in new projects as well as tips to help apply these same techniques to existing applications.

Richard Hopton started his long-term relationship with development at the tender age of 8 when writing text adventure games on the BBC at school, followed by several years of dabbling in Amiga games and demos. He moved onto writing applications in Delphi until 2008 when C# became his language of choice, and .NET his new spiritual home.

Richard is a regional coordinator for NxtGenUG Oxford and works as a development team leader for SalesAchiever, an independent software company specialising in producing a market leading industry-specific CRM solution written in C# and WPF.

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