SnowCode 2010 pre event drinks and dinner - Choosing Session Topics

Thu, 11 Mar 2010, 18:30 - 20:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
The Tram Depot , Cambridge, GB

Meet up for drinks at The Great Northern on Station Road. Used to be called SAUCE, for drinks.

arrive 6:30 to 7pm. Drinks and discuss session topics and whenever we're finished we can wander across to go for dinner. Those coming from London can stay for dinner or head back to London.

Here is an extract from our Google wave discussion so far for session topics:

  • Introduction to F# (For C# programmers)
  • light version: [Programming Paradigms/Functional Programming/ LINQ to F#]
  • [Side-effect free development/Threads/Async/.NET 4.0/Axum]
  • Build a google app
  • Intro to YQL (Yahoo Query Language)
  • Iphone apps using C#
  • Using StructureMap to help build more "composable" and highly scalable MVC components
  • VCS [Mercurial, GIT ...] (git, a little)
  • Powershell development with OO objects
  • Ruby (at least a little)
  • rake-dotnet + TeamCity in not-very-long-or-effortful
  • Android apps? - Pete interested to see/hear/learn

If you can't make the dinner, please take part in the Google wave discussion so that you can have your input.

The rationale for the dinner and planning for the topics ahead of time is twofold: a) we might not have decent (or any) internet access at the chalet b) feedback from openspacecoding attendees is that advance planning ads significant value.

If you're coming from London, remember to take the fast train to Cambridge leaving from Kings Cross Station, or from Liverpool street. Train takes approx 45 minutes to Cambridge.

To get to "the Great Nothern Pub", As you come out of the station, walk straight forward down the road ( that's station road) and The Great Norther is on your right about 400m up the road. Second last building on the right.

A few of the Cambridge guys will get there a bit earlier, around 6pm, and we'll aim to meet the guys from out of town and London around 6:30 / 7-ish.

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