Fairfield / Westchester .NET User Group - Daniel Buskirk - Overview of F# and Functional Programming

1-2 Apr 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
University of Connecticut , One University Place, US

F# is not just a new language for the Visual Studio, it represents an entirely different approach to programming for the .NET developer. VB.NET and C# will continue to be the languages of choice for Windows Forms development, but F# gives the .NET developer new tools for solving those problems best attacked with the so-called "functional" style of programming. Such problems arise in mathematics, natural language processing, complex parsing, and even the development of new computer languages! We'll take a look at what F# and functional programming are all about, and we'll see how easy it is to integrate F# code with your VB and C# programming projects.

Dan Buskirk is a consultant working with .NET code and usually, though not exclusively, with SQL Server as the backend data source. Completely lacking in artistic and visual design skills, he prefers to work with server-side code and heavy-duty number crunching. He frequently gives courses in development for SQL Server and .NET Framework programming.

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