VDUNY Meeting: Introduction to Functional Programming with F#

F# is succinct, expressive and well-suited to parallel, algorithmic, and data-oriented programming. Functional programming has been around for decades, but its uses have mainly been limited to academic environments. F# aims to change that by combining the functional programming paradigm with imperative and OOP styles, as well as giving developers access to the vast functionality present in the .NET BCL. This presentation is a gentle introduction to the functional aspects of F#, and is primarily intended for VB.NET and C# developers. F# is a first-class language in Visual Studio 2010, and is therefore readily available to .NET programmers who want to explore functional programming in a familiar environment. We will look at several fundamental FP concepts in F# such as:

Binding and scope Immutability Recursion Function application (including curried functions) Pattern matching List comprehensions Type inference ...and more

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