DevEvening - Ruby and RavenDB

Wed, 3 Nov 2010, 18:30 - 21:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
Bird in hand pub , Woking, GB

Ruby for .NET Developers – Andy Pike

An introduction to the Ruby language and the Rails web framework (not covering IronRuby). I'll show you how to to get started, some basics of the language (compared to C#) and a quick demo where I create a simple Rails 3 application. This is intended for .NET developers that would like to see what the Ruby world has to offer.

Andy is Technical Director of the very cool web agency 1minus1 in Farnham, Surrey. He's been developing web apps for around 12 years in various technologies. Mainly work on the .NET platform with extensive use of the Castle stack. Recently been working with Ruby on Rails which is awesome :o) Ping him on twitter: @andypike


A walkthrough of RavenDB – Rob Ashton

"A code-driven introduction to RavenDB, demonstrating the basic concepts and usage before delving deeper into using RavenDB to perform tasks that with a traditional database would leave us neck deep in problems and angry DBAs. We'll be covering basic indexes, map-reduce indexes using LINQ and generally trying to keep everything looking as simple as it actually is"

Rob works by day as a technical lead in Oxfordshire, and by night as a blogger attempting to spread knowledge to as many people as possible whilst contributing code back to a number of OSS projects. He have been writing code since he was six and been catching up since then.

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