NYC .NET Developers Group - December

16-17 Dec 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
1290 Avenue of the Americas , New York, US

Hack-Proofing your ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC Web Applications

Security is an afterthought with most developers. Easy hacking is a common problem with many web applications. This presentation explores the most common attacks on web applications, how they work to exploit your app, and more importantly, how to protect against them. Techniques such as Cross Site Scripting, Sql Injection, Session Hijacking, and Cross Site Request Forgery, and more will be covered. ASP.Net and MVC will both be covered as MVC has some separate concerns than standard ASP.Net applications. We will start with a 'broken' application and secure it throughout the presentation. Attendees will be taken through various tools, techniques, and libraries to help protect their applications.

Speaker: Adam Tuliper, Cegedim

Adam has been developing software for a variety of industries for over 15 years. He started his work in security and reverse engineering in the software protection field. This gave him a foundation for learning the internals of other technologies from Win32 systems to CLR systems. Adam has performed security audits and penetration tests for large corporations and small companies alike. He has been deeply involved in .Net internals since early beta and currently works as a Software Architect for Cegedim developing with WCF, ASP.Net, Sql Server, MVC, C#, and Silverlight. He enjoys helping people secure their code and solve difficult issues.

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