MADdotNET: Jason Bock: Reflection in .NET

18-19 Feb 2009 (Add to calendar) GMT
5218 East Terrace Drive , Madison, US

Jason Bock from Magenic: Reflection in .NET

Hacking and Futzing with IL Reflection is a powerful way to dynamically inspect assemblies at run-time to determine the structure of its contents, invoke methods, and change private field values (among other interesting tricks). But it doesn't stop there - .NET gives you the power to create code at run-time via its reflection infrastructure as well.

In this presentation, I'll cover the essentials of the System.Reflection namespace (along with the changes that were added in 2.0), how to emit code at run-time, and other libraries that go far beyond what .NET can currently provide (FxCop's CCI library for introspection and Mono.Cecil for full assembly reading/writing).

Meeting Agenda

5:00pm: Networking with sponsors and members 5:30pm: Free pizza and soda 6:00pm: Introduction and start main presentation 8:00pm: Give away prizes and Wrap up meetin

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