Deep Fried Bytes: What Happens In The Speaker’s Lounge is Supposed to Stay In the Speaker’s Lounge

Deep Fried Bytes

In this episode Keith sits down with a bunch of speakers at the DevLink 2009 conference held in Nashville, TN.  It isn’t every day one gets to hear what other speakers talk about and that’s why we titled the show the way we did.  Listen in to learn how much time speakers devote to the community, ...

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In this episode Keith sits down with a bunch of speakers at the DevLink 2009 conference held in Nashville, TN.  It isn’t every day one gets to hear what other speakers talk about and that’s why we titled the show the way we did.  Listen in to learn how much time speakers devote to the community, why they do it, why some are getting tired and why the developer community can be so rude at times.

Thanks to our guests this episode


Michael Eaton

Michael Eaton is the owner and principal consultant of Validus Solutions, LLC. Since 1994, Mike has been designing and implementing high quality, robust solutions using Microsoft technologies including .NET and SQL Server. Mike has spoken at many regional technical events including devLink and CodeStock. He is the organizer of the Kalamazoo X Conference and the Ann Arbor Give Camp. He is a 2009 C# MVP. When not working on projects or spending time with his family, he enjoys blogging, playing his XBOX 360 and hanging out with friends.

Michael’s blog is

twitter @mjeaton

Alan Stevens

Alan Stevens     is a father, geek, vegan and software artisan living in Knoxville, TN. Alan regularly speaks at industry conferences and user groups.  Alan is an Open Space Technology facilitator. Alan is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in C#. Alan is a member of ASP Insiders. When Alan is not playing with his kids, enjoying a fine cigar, singing or playing his acoustic guitar, he occasionally updates his blog at

twitter @alanstevens



Chris Smith

Chris Smith works at Microsoft on the F# team. When he isn’t blogging or programming, he enjoys skiing and spending quality time with his X-Box. You should totally buy his book Programming F# by O’Reilly due out later this year.

Chris’ blog is

twitter @aChrisSmith


Jim Holmes

Father. Husband. Geek. Veteran. Community Guy. Blogger ( Big fan of Naps.

Jim’s blog is

twitter @jimholmes


Sara Ford

Sara Ford is the Program Manager for CodePlex, Microsoft’s open source project hosting site. Prior to CodePlex, she worked on the Visual Studio team for six years and ran the popular Visual Studio Tip of the Day series. In 2008, she authored her first book Microsoft Visual Studio Tips by Microsoft Press and donated all her royalties to start a scholarship fund for Hurricane Katrina survivors of her hometown. Her life-long dream is to become a 97 year old weightlifter, so she can be featured on the local news

Sara’s blog is

twitter @saraford


Kevin Griffin

Kevin Griffin is a .NET Developer for Antech Systems, located in Chesapeake, VA.  He’s the leader of the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group.  Often, he can be found speaking at or attending other local user group meetings or code camps.  He enjoys working with new technology, and consistently works on being a better developer and building the best software he can.

Kevin’s blog is

twitter @1kevgriff



Chris Roland

I’m into a wide range of tech, from hobby robotics to development.  I focus on data related technologies because I love to analyze data and the infrastructure needed to support it.

I work with SQL Server and Microsoft’s business intelligence stack.  I think the ease of use and integration with MS BI provides small businesses an awesome tool.

Chris’ blog is

twitter @ChrisRoland



Jeff McWherter

Jeff McWherter is the Director of Simplicity at Web Ascender in Okemos, MI. Jeff graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Telecommunications, and has thirteen years of professional experience in software development.

He is a founding member and current Program Director for the Greater Lansing Users for .NET ( He enjoys profiling code, applying design patterns, finding obscure namespaces, and long walks in the park. His lifelong interest in programming began with a Home Computing Magazine in 1983, which included an article about writing a game called Boa Alley in BASIC.

Jeff currently lives in a farming community near Lansing, MI. When he is not in front of the computer he enjoys rock and ice climbing with his smart and beautiful wife; which leads to his favorite activity of all, road trips.

Jeff’s blog is

twitter @jmcw


Kirstin Juhl

Kirstin Kuhl

Kirstin Juhl is a developer in Minneapolis, MN. Her first career was Chemical Engineering before she crossed over the "Dark Side". Technology has always been her passion and she loves to share her excitement with everyone she meets. Always up for learning something new, Kirstin does not have a specialty, but rather becomes proficient in everything that she comes across as a consultant for Magenic. Her favorite activity, other than participating in community events, is hard-core coding with developers much smarter and more talented than herself. Kirstin holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and an MS in Software Engineering from the University of Saint Thomas.

twitter @kirstinj


Michael Wood

Michael Wood is a Microsoft Practice Director for Strategic Data Systems in Centerville, OH, but lives across the river in Kentucky. He has been working in .Net since pre-Beta 2 back in 2001. He has contributed to the 'Visual Studio Hacks' book from O'Reilly and publishes a series of blog posts called the .Net Nugget. Michael is a Founding Director and the current Lead Director for the Cincinnati .Net User Group as well as the founder of the Cincinnati Software Architecture Special Interest Group. He is also a founding member of the software architecture web resource nPlus1 ( and the instigator of the informal code pairing Bitslinger events. You can follow Michael on Twitter under @mikewo as well as visit his blog at

Leon Gersing

Leon Gersing aka fallenrogue is a Software Artisan with EdgeCase. He wears a plaid hat and sports a manly beard. Many attribute the invention of indoor laser gun sporting arenas to a dream that he had in a field during a 3 day open air music festival in Ithaca, NY. While he refuses to take credit for that he has confirmed that he is, indeed, funding an aggressive humanitarian aid program to feed the world's hungry called: "bytes of bacon... for the kids." He was rejected to work for the good people of Twitter in 2006 but holds no grudge and continues to support their product at


Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews is a Team System MVP and INETA speaker, and has been working as a developer for more than 9 years. During this time, he has designed and developed applications in such widely varying areas as trust accounting, medical infor mation management, supply chain management, and retail systems. Steve is also a MCTS, ICSOO, and community fanatic.

image James Bender

Unfrozen Caveman Architect

twitter @jamesbender


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