Microsoft MSDN Videos: Microsoft 101: The beginnings of Visual Studio

An extract from an hour-long documentary on Microsoft that takes you behind the scenes of Visual Studio.

In this episode we take you back to the early 90s, in the early days of Microsoft and their development tools. The documentary talks to key figures in and outside of Microsoft at the time on how they set out to create a developer community for the first time, described as the "secret sauce" behind Visual Studio's success today.

We then trace the evolution of the Visual Basic and Visual C++ tools, from the ground breaking (at the time) 16 bit executables that VB 3 offered, and then the gradually realisation that the various tools were coming together - leading to the release of Visual Studio 6.0 in 1998 which was the first integrated visual studio environment.

An interesting watch! You can catch the next episode, tracing the emergence of .NET Framework here.

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