The SitePoint Podcast: The Undetectables with Paul Irish

The SitePoint Podcast

This week Kevin Yank chats with Paul Irish, Google Chrome Developer Relations guy, jQuery guy, and Modernizr guy, about how to detect the features supported by browsers, and what to do about the features you can’t detect.

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The Builders Lounge is a place where Drupal users of all levels can come to work, collaborate, share our problems and successes, and get support. Everyone is welcome. Please come willing to help and be helped.

Schedule: First Tuesday of every month from 3:30 pm to 5:30ish

Amenities: Conference tables, Wi-Fi, whiteboards, projector and screen.

Directions to Dwinelle Hall: Starting from the intersection of Bancroft and Telegraph, walk north onto campus toward Sather Gate. After going through the gate and over the bridge, the first building on your left will be Dwinelle Hall (use the campus map if coming from other directions). Facing Dwinelle's main entrance steps, follow the path to the left (southwest) leading downhill toward Strawberry Creek. Enter the door at the bottom of the hill, and turn right into the main hallway. Room 4 is the first room down this hallway on your right.

Access: The entrance above is wheelchair accessible, but does not have an automatic door. A ramp and automatic door are at the right side of main entrance (see directions above). From there, take the nearest elevator down to level C. Turn right, go down the hall, and turn left at the T. Room 4 is on the left near the end of the hall.

Hope to see you there!

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