The SitePoint Podcast: The Now Revolution with Amber Naslund & Jay Baer

The SitePoint Podcast

This week Patrick O’Keefe chats with Amber Naslund and Jay Baer about their book, “The Now Revolution”, which is aimed at making your business faster, smarter, and more social.

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Episode synopsis

This is a short intense 3-hour Saturday class for people who are new to Android mobile programming and who may also need a Java refresher course.

A laptop will be required. Also, this class will be exactly three hours long. Please arrive by 9 AM. I will promptly begin at 9:30 AM and then end it three hours later at 12:30.

If you don't have your Eclipse development environment set up, or if you need help troubleshooting your installation, please come one hour earlier. I'll be at the Starbucks coffee shop from 8AM to 8:50AM (it's just three or four blocks away from our classroom location, but in the Nob Hill supermarket parking lot, on the side of the Nob Hill gas station).

This class is not meant to replace other beginning Android classes in the Bay Area, nor is it meant to duplicate the online Android documentation and tutorials. We'll be going in-depth in just what I consider to be a couple of key basic Android topics. And we'll be using a new Eclipse plugin I've written especially for this class do the lab portion of the class. This also means that we won't have the time to cover 90% of what Android has to offer.

I do hope however, that by this limited subset of topics, that this will give you both enough mastery and confidence that you'll start creating your own very simple apps, and yet I also hope to give you enough of a clear overview for you to see how everything fits together.

That said, we will cover:

  • Topics to be determined

An electronic handout with the slides and the code samples will be sent out right-after class.
- Stephan
510-395-3859 (cell)

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