Steve Wozniak and the crappy code games

Fusion-io has staged a new publicity move designed to lure in SQL coders with the promise of a coding challenge and a chance to rub shoulders with its chief scientist Steve Wozniak.

The data processing focused company's somewhat gimmicky named Crappy Code Games are being open to anyone involved in SQL programming with winners set to meet Wozniak himself in London on March 31st.

“It’s harder to deliberately write crappy code than it is to write good code, so we see the games as a real challenge,” says Trip Hunter, co-director of Fusion-io’s EMEA marketing. “Though extremely light hearted, we want the games to be a showcase for programming talent in the UK as well as a route to highlighting the impact of badly written code in regards to enterprise database performance."

Each event will consist of four rounds designed to see if Britain’s elite so-called "dbA-thletes" can fight their own instincts to do a good job while using their coding skills to push the boundaries of SQL performance and take the gold medal.

The four rounds are:

  • The High Jump: Generate the highest I/O’s per second
  • The 100 m dash: Cumulative highest number of I/O’s in 60 seconds
  • The SSIS-athon: Load one billion row fact table in the shortest time
  • The Marathon: Generate the highest MB per second in 60 seconds

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