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This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Rather than selling off its Developer Tools Group as originally planned, Borland has created a new subsidiary called CodeGear, which has already announced JBuilder 2007, a completely re-designed IDE built on the Eclipse platform.

It has been influenced by two major trends that are driving change in software development: firstly, that open source is more pervasive than ever, and secondly, that development teams are increasingly distributed around the world. JBuilder 2007 aims to increase the development velocity of Java teams and individuals with P2P, Visual EJB and web services GUIs and Java5 Enterprise functionality. It provides a visual “drag and drop” environment, and has project management capabilities designed to increase speed and productivity. It includes TeamInsight, a collaboration portal that allows the use of both open source and commercial software.

JBuilder 2007 integrates with Borland Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products including Together and StarTeam, also based on Eclipse. The product also integrates the most popular open source plug-ins, tools and frameworks, all within a certified and managed turnkey development solution that organisations of any size can rely on.

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