SQL Server 2008 - take your pick

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Microsoft released SQL Server 2008 at the beginning of August. By that time there had been more than 450,000 customer and partner downloads of the community technology previews (CTPs), more than 75 large-scale applications already in production, and more than 1,350 applications being developed by nearly 1,000 independent software vendors (ISVs).

SQL Server 2008 is now available in seven editions. With Enterprise it is possible to consolidate servers and perform large-scale online transactional processing, a feature that is added to the data management and business intelligence platform provided by Standard. Workgroup is a data management and reporting platform for running branch applications that includes core database features and is easy to upgrade to the Standard or Enterprise edition while Web is designed for Web-serving environments running on Windows Server and provides the tools necessary to support low-cost, large-scale, highly available Web applications or hosting solutions for customers. Developer allows developers to build and test any type of application with SQL Server. This edition features all of the functionality of Enterprise but is licensed only for development, test and demo use. Express is a free edition that features core database functionality including all of the new data types, in a small footprint and is ideal for learning and building desktop and small server applications. Also free is SQL Server Compact 3.5, an embedded database designed for developers building stand-alone and occasionally connected applications for mobile devices, desktops and Web clients. It runs on all Windows platforms, including XP and Vista, and on Pocket PC and smartphone devices.

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