Charting for SharePoint and OLAP

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Chart for SharePoint, the latest charting component from Dundas, is an extension of its Chart for ASP.NET 5.5 technology that will allow .NET programmers as well as users to add charts to SharePoint and connect them to data. Unlike other versions of Dundas Chart, the SharePoint design environment allows users to deploy the product by itself, so an IDE like Visual Studio is not required. Other highlights include AJAX interactive features such as tool tips, drilldown, zoom and scrolling, data binding plus dynamic integration with the MOSS 2007, Business Data Catalog (BDC) and Excel Services.

Also released recently is version 5.5 of its Chart for .NET OLAP Services, a set of .NET components designed to assist companies with interactive, analytical processing and charting of multidimensional data. Enhancements include a multidimensional Grid control, and a new interactive Toolbar that provides access to multiple views of data, be it in chart form, using the chart and grid, or the grid alone. The built-in AJAX features also offer improved performance and usability with the inclusion of on-demand loading, the elimination of post-backs. Point-and-click user interfaces allow users to build new data queries and chart the results, graphically and now numerically, with simple drag-and-drop operations.

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