Caché now with Zen and Jalepeno

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Caché 2007, the new version of InterSystems’ ‘post-relational’ database, introduces Zen – an extensible, high-level framework that is claimed to be optimised for development speed, scalability and deployment of data-intensive web applications. It includes a library of pre-built components, including grids, tables, and selection trees, that enables the creation and management of complex processes. Zen incorporates Caché’s security model within its components. In addition, you can extend pre-built components or, if preferred, use totally new code developed in-house. The close integration with the database is claimed to offer better performance than even AJAX-based techniques.

Another new component, Jalapeño, provides the capability to persist plain old Java objects (POJOs) while eliminating the need for object-relational mapping. Jalapeño enables Java developers to work in the Java development environment that they prefer, and automatically persist objects in the Caché database.

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