New controls for DXperience

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
DXGrid is just one of the new WPF controls in Developer Express’ second major product update this year. Thanks to its custom virtualisation mechanism for rows this grid, which requires .NET 3.5, it supports hierarchical row layouts natively. The end result can have animations for row expanding and collapsing actions. WPF templates are supported throughout DXGrid and most tasks can be accomplished using XAML. It supports both tabular and card display formats, provides facilities for the end-user to sort and group data, gives a way to create custom data filtering controls in column header dropdowns, delivers group and total summaries, provides complete support for unbound columns and supports multiple built-in skins.

Two new chart types have been introduced into XtraCharts for both WinForms and ASP.NET: funnel charts for showing trends for example in a sales process, where you want to see how many prospects are converted into customers, and a new scatter line chart allows you to connect series points based on their order in a points collection for displaying engineering or scientific graphs. To assist with data analytics XtraCharts now automatically calculates and displays linear regression lines for a set of data points and provides the ability to custom draw the axis labels and provide accurate “hit data” for elements of charts underneath the mouse cursor.

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