MainWin unifies J2EE and .NET

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Mainsoft Corporation has launched a new cross-platform development solution. Visual MainWin enables .NET and Java teams to work together, co-developing J2EE Web applications and Web Services.

A growing number of enterprise application development projects are likely to include elements of both .NET and Java technologies. By 2010, Gartner estimates that 95 percent of medium- to large-scale enterprises will use both Microsoft and Java technologies as integral elements of their software strategies, and that small- to mid-size enterprises will attempt to support both Microsoft and J2EE platforms. In this situation anything that helps with interoperability and enables .NET and J2EE teams to share resources and skills is a good idea.

Visual MainWin for the J2EE platform is based on a patent-pending technology that compiles Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) source code directly into standard Java bytecode. This allows developers to develop, run, debug and deploy their code within Visual Studio, but because the output is fully compliant with the J2EE platform standards, Visual MainWin applications can be deployed and managed as any standard J2EE application.

The aim is to allow .NET and Java developers to work together on a complete multi-tiered system. Visual Basic .NET and C# developers creating the ASP.NET front-end of an app while Java developers provide the back-end business logic as J2EE components. From Visual Studio, the .NET developers can consume the J2EE components such as EJBs and debug the entire application across C#, Visual Basic .NET and Java languages. Because both development teams continue to use their preferred development tools, there is no need to retrain developers. The entire application is deployed on a J2EE application server such as IBM WebSphere, BEA Weblogic or JBoss.

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