Enhanced Lifecycle with JBuilder 2005

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
The latest version of Borland JBuilder features support for the new Java standards and better integration with Borland’s ‘Application Lifecycle Management’ (ALM) tools. With such a wide range of application creation and management tools, JBuilder 2005 is designated as a ‘Develop’ component of the ALM suite for Java. The availability of the ALM tools makes the latest Borland Java IDE attractive for large projects and team working.

The following are among its new and improved features:

  • Integrated performance profiling tools – JBuilder 2005 now includes an integrated performance management suite. This is especially important with the increasing use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It offers full J2EE component level profiling with the Optimizeit Request Analyzer, in addition to the Optimizeit Profiler, Optimizeit Code Coverage analyser and the Thread Debugger.
  • Support for JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Web applications – JSF support in JBuilder is integrated into the full development cycle.
  • Support for the latest Java standards – JBuilder 2005 supports JDK 5.0, J2EE 1.4, and other new Java technologies.
  • Tools for ensuring software quality and security – JBuilder 2005 includes new audit capabilities to detect common coding errors and violations of recommended coding practices. A new Fortify Software security plug-in for JBuilder also examines the code for security flaws during the development process.
  • Improved integration with Lifetime management tools – CaliberRM and StarTeam are both accessible from the IDE. Distributed refactoring is now implemented to enable refactoring information and history to be shared among team members and across projects.
The OpenTools API allows third party tools from companies such as Business Objects, eBay, Fortify Software, Sybase and Vignette, to extend the functionality of JBuilder.

JBuilder 2005 will be available on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X in three editions: the high-level Enterprise Edition, the Developer Edition aimed at web and desktop applications, and a free Foundation Edition aimed at students and experimenters.

Also from Borland

Optimizeit ServerTrace 3
At the same time, Borland has also released a new version of Optimizeit ServerTrace 3, which is a performance optimisation and management tool for the J2EE platform. Among its new features is the ability to integrate with StarTeam and a range of third-party load testing tools and production monitoring frameworks.

Together for JBuilder X and for free!
Together for JBuilder X Developer adds modelling and analysis facilities to the existing Java IDE. It provides UML based application development with “two-way” code from UML and UML from code generation.

The Together Designer Community Edition is a free to download and use version of Together. This works with almost any IDE and runs on almost any platform. It supports UML 2.0 and UML 1.4 diagramming, XMI for UML import, Rational Rose model import and Logical ER diagramming

Together Designer Community Edition is available for free download.

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