ObjectStore reaches Version 6.2 and adds RFID

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
JDO is rapidly becoming an important method for managing persistent data in Java environments, and in the latest release of ObjectStore is now supported by the full enterprise version as well as by the embedded single-user version. The new Schema Evolution Services allow customers even with large multi-gigabyte ObjectStore databases to modify the database schema. ObjectStore already had support for 64-bit Unix platforms, and now this has been extended to 64-bit Linux Support.

Also new is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader connectivity and event query capability in the form of the ObjectStore RFID Accelerator. Its real-time scalability also makes it suitable to the task of processing the huge quantities of distributed data that a typical RFID application would generate.

The ObjectStore RFID Accelerator is built on the ObjectStore Event Engine, a real-time data management product for streaming event data. The ObjectStore Event Engine provides event-driven applications with a way to both manage high-volume, high-velocity data, and concurrently execute real-time queries on those event streams. The Cache-Forward Architecture (CFA) of the ObjectStore Event Engine provides the high performance and data persistence essential to a typical RFID application while remaining fully scalable. The ObjectStore RFID Accelerator is claimed to be able to handle a sustained throughput of 50,000 events a second, with subsecond processing.

ObjectStore is designed as a service-oriented, event-driven architecture, in order to relate RFID events to business events. It uses an extensible adapter model for the collection of RFID events from disparate sources and has the ability to query RFID event history with different formats and protocols. For example it has a collection adapter for events from RFID middleware compliant with the draft Application Level Event (ALE) 1.0, a SOAP query adapter. ObjectStore RFID Accelerator also provides native support for Sonic ESB, Enterprise Service Bus.

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