Optimisation and management for SQL and Oracle

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Making databases run on time is a serious problem, and one that developers have to face together with database administrators. The latest version of Quest Central for SQL Server 5.0 includes Performance Analysis to provide the sort of information that enables optimisation.

A central management console shows data relating to a range of performance metrics that help understand the SQL workload. It stores workload and performance data, and presents it through an OLAP interface or canned reports. When a performance issue is identified it is possible to “drill down” into SQL statements, users, programs, machines or files, to resolve specific issues.

Key features include: fast lightweight data collection; no connection required to the SQL Server to diagnose problems; provides complete information, including server-side cursor SQL. It also provides SQL Tuning, which can perform automatic optimisation and it runs with SQL Server versions 7 and 2000.

Also new from Quest is a collection of application management solutions for the Oracle Application Server 10g J2EE platform, aimed at managing application performance across the lifecycle, from development through testing and into production. The combination of tools such as Quest Foglight, Quest PerformaSure and Quest JProbe, allows the identification of performance issues across the application stack and down to the line-of-code level.

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