Compuware aids the Java Lifecycle

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
If you’re a Java developer, then Compuware has three new versions of existing tools – OptimalJ, DevPartner Java Edition and Vantage Analyzer for J2EE – that are aimed to make you life easier and increase the quality of your work at each of its lifecycle stages.

OptimalJ 3.3 generates code from visual models, based on the OGM’s Model Driven Architecture, that specify anything from a standalone application to an n-tier system. The new version introduces tools to make user interface design easier and implement automatic data binding. If you have a legacy application to bring up-to-date then the new native integration with Sabratec ApplinX, a mainframe modernisation technology, will allow you to run on non-IBM platforms. Requirements management is also introduced via support from SteelTrace Catalyze, an agile requirements management tool.

DevPartner Java Edition 3.3 is best described as an analysis tool incorporating both source and runtime checking of your code. The latest version not only performs memory leak analysis, but will also optimise memory use. It also helps with the problem of optimising n-tier transaction performance. It provides a customised breakdown of transaction behaviour and response times designed to let you concentrate on where performance enhancements can be gained.

Vantage Analyzer for J2EE is a new addition to the Vantage range of monitoring and analysis tools. If DevPartner is aimed at the development part of the lifecycle Vantage is aimed at deployment. It stays with your application to feed back information on how well it is working and to enable you to track down any issues of performance or availability.

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