BEA enters EDA market

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
BEA is entering the Event Driven Architecture (EDA) market with WebLogic Event Server, a Java application server designed for event-driven applications. WebLogic Event Server combined with WebLogic Real Time and WebLogic Virtual Edition provides a foundation for event-driven SOA and for extreme transaction processing (XTP). WebLogic Event Server is the first BEA product to be completely based on the company’s microService Architecture (mSA), a component architecture designed to be open, interoperable, embeddable and naturally extensible for third-party development. mSA is the underlying architecture behind BEA SOA 360°.

The latest release of WebLogic Real Time 2.0, which will be generally available this summer, improves latency and performance to a guaranteed worst-case pause time of 10 milliseconds and average pause times as low as sub-millisecond, down from its previous 30-millisecond worst case. This has been achieved by optimisation and a claimed new technique for bounding latency. Also new is a latency tool can analyse and tune sources of latency in applications. Because the latency analyser does not impact the performance of the running application, it can be used in production to enable real-life analysis of critical applications.

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