Java and Mac envelopes

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
HASP SRM v 3.50 adds automatic file wrapping for Java apps and enhanced security to Aladdin’s hardware- and software-based copy protection and licensing solution. The HASP SRM Java Envelope provides protection for Java Archive (JAR) files through strong encryption, protecting against reverse engineering at the class-level through the encryption of user-selected class files. A cross-platform environment based on intermediate code, Java is highly prone to reverse-engineering, making Envelope protection critical to securing intellectual property. Unlike other software DRM solutions, the HASP SRM Java Envelope does not require the conversion of Java files into another format in order to implement HASP SRM software- or hardware-based locking.

Other features of this version include enhanced key memory management tools that enable order entry representatives to use pre-defined default memory values or overwrite new information to the key memory when the order is placed, with no fear of impacting the key’s functionality. The Business Studio interface has been updated to include a number of new ease-of-use functions, including the ability to multi-select from a list, search directly from the “Customer Name” field in the order form without the need to open a new search, new easy-to-find buttons that replace drop-down menus, and the ability to copy and paste product keys for use in emails, on labels, etc. Functionality has also been added to the Business Studio API that enables order fulfilment staff to streamline simple updates to software in the field; including the ability to wipe licenses clean before installing a license update.

HASP SRM now offers an Envelope for automatic file wrapping of software developed for the Apple Macintosh operating system, allowing software publishers developing software for Macs to take advantage of the same automatic file wrapping capabilities as those working with Windows and Linux.

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