TeamCity version 4.0

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
TeamCity 4.0 from JetBrains is the latest version of an integration server and build management tool for workgroups, with special facilities for agile approaches to development.

It offers scalability implemented by a build grid, extensibility via a Java API, and integration with multiple IDEs, version control systems and build tools. New in version 4.0 is the introduction of build chains, which improve performance by breaking down a single build into multiple parts executed on different build agents in parallel. The agents can also be managed with authentication and benchmarks. Automatic test re-ordering can determine a set of tests which are likely to fail and give them priority for subsequent project builds, thus saving time. A redo command can repeat a build from a particular version control revision. You can also now get statistics for an entire project, and comparative statistics on a single chart. There are new integrations, including FxCop and dedicated Rake runner, as well as improvements for old ones such as MSTest and Eclipse in general.

The user interface has also been improved with project overviews and individual test statistics. The free professional edition is restricted to 20 build configurations, and three build agents.

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